takeaway Menu


From the Tandoori

All Gluten Free

Paneer Tikka – $15
Cottage Cheese

Bharwan Gucchi – $15
Button Mushroom Stuffed With Cheese, Corn, Green Chillies, And Chopped Onions

Chicken Tikka – $16
Chicken Thigh, Traditional Indian Spices, Garlic, Lemon

Malai Basil Kebab – $15
Chicken Breast, Cream Cheese, Basil

Tandoori Grilled Chicken – $16
Roasted Chicken, Marinated In Yoghurt And Spices Cooked In Tandoor

Avadhi Lamb Chops – $20
Lamb Chops Saffron & Cashew Nut Coating

Lamb Seekh Kebab – $16
Spiced Ground Meat Shaped Into Skewers And Grilled

Lasuni Prawns – $20
King Prawns, Ginger & Garlic, Lemon

Tandoori Salmon – $21
Salmon Diced, Marinated in Fresh Lime Leaves Pepper Corn, and Cheese Marinated and Cooked in Clay Ovens

Crispy Bites

Veg Samosa – $10
Triangular Shaped Pastry Filled with Potato & Peas

Onion Bhajji – $10
Crispy Battered Onions

Veg Shammi Kebab – $10
Minced Vegetable Patty

Chicken 65 – $14
Spicy Deep-Fried Chicken That Is Tangy And Simply Mouth Watering

From The Pan

Paneer Chilli Milli – $16
Crispy Cottage Cheese, Capsicum, Onions, And Chilli

Calamari Jinga Lala – $18
Deep-Fried Calamari Rings Tossed With Trio Of Capsicums, Red Chilli, And Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Burnt Chilli Chicken – $17
Crispy Chicken, Burnt Chilli, Capsicum, Onion

Cheese Chilli Balls – $16
Cheesy Balls Made From Breadcrumbs, Stuffed With Cream Cheese And Spices

Machi Amritsari – $17
Fish Marinated With Lime Juice, Cumin Powder, And Pepper Dipped In Gram Flour Batter And Deep-Fried

Prawn Puri – $20
Prawn cooked with spring onions green pepper, Tomatoes, and Indian herbs served over Puri Bread with fresh Coriander

Prawns Kamasutra – $18
Better Fried Prawns sauteed in onions, Mixed pepper, and Tomatoes

Scallop Piri Piri – $20
Better Fried Scallop Sauteed in Butter with Spring Onion Kokum Cayenne Pepper and sweet and sour spices

2 Fat Veg Platter (2pcs Each) – $24
Samosa, Panner Tikka, Shammi Kebab, Onion Bhaji, Spring Rolls

2 Fat Non-Veg Platter (2pcs Each) – $26
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Seekh Kebab, Machi Amritsari, Lamb Chop, Prawn Kamasutra


All Gluten-Free & Vegan

Veg Haandi – $17
Mix Vegetable Curry Prepared With Onion Tomato And Cashew Paste, Simmered In Spicy Gravy

Korma – $17
Chef’s Take On The Traditional Mixed Vegetable Korma

Paneer Dishes— Lasuni Palak Paneer/ Paneer Butter Masala/ Paneer Tikka Masala/Kadahi Paneer – $17
Choice Of Paneer Dishes With Distinctive Taste And Flavors

Baghare Baingan – $17
Eggplant Prepared With Chilli And Coconut Tempered With Mustard Seeds And Curry Leaves

Saffron Malai Kofta – $17
Cottage Cheese Dumplings In A Creamy Saffron Enriched Gravy

Bhindi Do Pyaza – $17
Stir-Fried Okra Spiced With Onion And Sun-Dried Spices

Pindi Chana Masala – $16
A Classic Punjabi Delicacy, Chickpeas Soaked Overnight And Cooked With A Special Blend of Fenugreek, Cumin, And Other Indian Herbs

Mushroom Matar – $17
Semi-Dry Dish made with Mushrooms and Peas cooked in creamy onion, Tomato, and Cashew Sauce.

Methi Matar Malai – $17
Very Fragrant North-Indian Rich Creamy Gravy Made From Onion, Fenugreek Leaves, Peas, And Spices

Dal Tadka – $14
Garlic And Masala Tempered Yellow Lentils

Bombay Aloo Gobi – $15
Bombay Style Cauliflower And Potato

Dal Makhni – $14
Slow-Cooked Creamy Black Lentils


All Gluten-Free

Lamb Rogan Josh – $19
Delicacy From North India Cooked With Tomatoes And Whole Spices

Lamb Korma – $19
Cooked With Creamy Cashew And Dried Coconut Gravy

Kadahi Lamb – $19
Lamb Cooked With Kadai Masala, Onion, And Tomato Gravy With Bell Peppers

Lamb Saagwala – $19
Lamb Pieces Cooked With Spinach-Based Gravy And Garlic


All Gluten-Free

Butter Chicken – $18
Tomato And Cream Based All-Time Favorite, Flavored With Fenugreek

Chicken Tikka Masala – $18
Chunks Of Roasted Chicken Cooked With Peppers And Spiced Sauce

Chicken Madras – $18
Authentic South Indian Chicken Curry Made With Blend Of Spices, That Is Rich And Filled With Flavours

Chicken Korma – $18
Cooked With Creamy Cashew And Dried Coconut Gravy

Kadahi Chicken – $18
Delicious And Flavourful Dish Made With Chicken, Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic
And Ground Spices

Chicken Phall – $18
Fiery Preparation Of Chicken With Smoked Chilli And Pepper

Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murg – $18
Chicken Delicately Cooked With Saffron And Various Herbs

Chicken Beliram – $18
A classical dish from Punjab slow-cooked chicken in a sealed pot with aromatic herbs. 


All Gluten-Free

Goat Curry – $22
Traditionally Cooked Baby Goat With Handpicked Spices


Fish Moilee – $20
Mildly Spiced Fish Cooked With Coconut Milk And Herbs

Kadai Jhinga – $21
Prawns Cooked With Onions, Capsicum And Ground Spices

Goan Fish Masala – $20
Fish Cooked In Coconut Gravy And Tempered With Mustard Seeds

Prawn Masala Curry – $21
Tender Pink Prawn Cooked In Thin Tomato And Onion Gravy


Chicken Biryani – $17
Seasoned Basmati Rice Cooked With Boneless Chicken, Fresh Mint, And Spices

Lamb Biryani – $20
Delicious Spice Infused Lamb Cooked With Long Grain Basmati Rice

Goat Biryani – $21
Delicious Spice Infused Goat Cooked With Long Grain Basmati Rice

Vegetable Biryani – $16
Basmati Rice Cooked With Delicately Spiced Vegetables Flavoured With Fresh Mint And Saffron

Sides & Salads

Papadumas (4PCS) – $3

Mango Pickle – $2.50

Mixed Pickle – $2.50

Raita – $4.50
Cumin Tempered Yogurt With Medley Of Cucumber, Tomato, And Coriander

Kuchumber – $4.50
Diced Cucumber, Tomatoes, And Onions With A Tangy Chilli Dressing

Mama’s Chicken Salad – $18
Seasoned Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion, 

Power Salad – $16
Spinach with Grilled Cottage Cheese, Cheery Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onions, Cucumber, Avocado & Olives with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Avocado & Olives with Vinaigrette Dreaming



Steam Rice – $3.50

Jeera Rice – $4

Saffron Rice – $4

Peas Pulao – $5

Spinach And Garlic Rice – $7.50

Coconut Rice – $5

Kashmiri Pulao- $5.50


Plain Naan – $4
Refined Flour Bread Cooked In Tandoor Oven

Butter Naan – $4
Naan Brushed With Unsalted Clarified Butter

Garlic Naan – $4.50
Naan Topped With Garlic Butter

Cheese Chilli Garlic Naan – $5.50
Naan Topped With Garlic Butter, Chilli & Cheese

Roti – $4
Wholemeal Plain Bread

Paratha – $4.50
Wholemeal Flaky Bread

Aloo Paratha – $5
Wholemeal Bread Stuffed With Potato Filling

Stuffed Kulcha – $5
Naan Filled With Choice Of Cream Cheese, Onions, Chilli

Kheema Naan – $5
Naan Stuffed With Lamb Mince

Kashmiri Naan – $5.50
Naan Stuffed With a Mix Of Dry Fruits And Nuts


Gulab Jamun – $5
Full Cream Milk Dumplings Soaked In Saffron Infused Syrup

Kulfi – $5

Ras Malai – $5

Kids Menu

Chips – $7

Chips & Nuggets – $12

Butter Chicken + Rice – $12

Fish + Chips – $12