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Why Do Australians Like Indian Food

Indian food is considered to be one of the most flavourful and popular cuisines worldwide. And especially, when it comes to Australia, an impressive number of Australians enjoy having Indian cuisines and love visiting Indian restaurants like Two Fat Indian that serve quality Indian food.

But have you ever wondered what makes Australians fall for Indian cuisine so much? Well, let’s find out all about why exactly Australians like eating Indian Cuisine in Cottesloe and other regions in Australia.

The Use of Traditional Spices

No matter what Indian Cuisine in Cottesloe you try, you’ll be amazed to know the variety of spices and herbs used in it. From cardamom to black pepper, cloves, curry powder, garam masala, red chili powder, tamarind, cayenne, various spices are used for preparing Indian food. Indian cuisines represent a unique combination of traditional spices and pungent ingredients, resulting in a plethora of delicious food preparations.

Unlike western cuisines where spices and ingredients of similar flavour and smell are paired together, Indian food is all about pairing completely different spices and ingredients. It is the use of such pungent spices resulting in delicious Indian cuisines with an intoxicating aroma that makes Australians skip their usual staple food and visit the Indian restaurants like Two Fat Indian in Australia.

The Unique Way of Cooking

The secret behind the mouth-watering flavour of each Indian cuisines lies also in the way of preparing them just as in the use of spices, herbs, and other ingredients. Whether it's preparing tandoori items by slowly grilling them or cooking curries by mixing different spices and ingredients at certain intervals, or cooking rice and meat items in ‘Dum' process, the unique ways of cooking make Indian moods tasty. And this deliciousness eventually leads to the growing popularity of Indian food and Indian Cuisine in Cottesloe among the Australians.

The Diversity of Flavours

Indian food is lauded for not only its complex pairings of unique flavours but also for the innumerable diversity of flavours. Be it sweet, or sour, hot or tangy, salty or spicy, Indian Cuisine in Cottesloe offers them all, making Australians love Indian cuisines. Yes, along with the unique and mouth-watering dishes, the unique way of cooking, it is the variety of flavours that makes Australian go for the Indian restaurants in Australia that serves authentic Indian food such as the Cottesloe Restaurant.

Great Nutritional Value

Last but not least, the nutritional value that the various delicious Indian cuisines offer is a big reason for the Australians to love Indian food and opt for Indian Cuisine in Cottesloe. The simplest Indian food preparation techniques not only add great taste to the food but also maintain its nutritional value. Be it any non-veg preparations or a veg one, Indian foods has a good amount of nutrients to offer and can be eaten by anyone, children or grown-ups.


Now that you’ve known about the reasons behind Australians liking Indian food, don’t hesitate to visit Indian restaurants in Australia such as Two Fat Indian to try Indian food. Try Indian Cuisine in Cottesloe and satiate your taste buds with the innumerable Indian culinary delights the Indian restaurant serves here.