Top 10 Indian Non-Veg Food Items in Cottesloe

Blog Details Top 10 Indian Non-Veg Food Items in Cottesloe

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Top 10 Indian Non-Veg Food Items in Cottesloe

Yes, there’s nothing like the Indian food in the whole world. And therefore, even when you are in Cottesloe, Australia, craving for some delectable Indian cuisines becomes quite obvious.  And now quality restaurants like Two Fat Indian restaurant, being there and serving finger-licking Indian food preparations, let’s find out the top ten non-veg Indian food you can indulge into while in Cottesloe.

Chicken Tikka

This flavorsome chicken preparation is always there in any Indian restaurant's list of popular dishes, as it is there in the 2 fat Indian restaurant menu. Featuring delicate chicken pieces marinated with Indian spices and yogurt and slowly cooked in clay ovens, this Indian cuisine is one of the best ways to start exploring the non-veg Indian food culture.

Tandoori Sholay

Tandoori Sholay is another irresistible chicken kabab preparation that is widely loved for its unique spicy flavor and soft chicken pieces. Often topped by a fluffy egg omelet, this kabab item and is served hot on a sizzling plate in restaurants like Two Fat Indians Cottesloe.

Seek Kebabs

Another type of kababs of Indian origin, Seek Kababs are cylindrical shape preparations of ground or minced meat mixed with various traditional Indian spices which are then grilled on skewers. You can easily find this popular Indian appetizer on the menu of any reputed Indian restaurant in Cottesloe.

Butter Chicken

This chicken curry preparation always secures the top spot in any well-known Indian restaurants such as Indian restaurant in Cottesloe for its amazing and unique taste. This item of chicken pieces in mildly spiced creamy curry sauce is a real treat to any Indian food lover.

Khade Masala Ka Murg-House

This Indian cuisine is a chicken curry preparation that is cooked with whole spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and various fresh herbs. Boasting a unique and delicate flavor of Indian whole spices, this Indian cuisine in Cottesloe is sure to appeal to both the adults and the kids.

Goat Curry

Just as the name suggests, this Indian cuisine is a curry dish that is prepared with goat meat. However, the taste of this goat meat item is nothing as flat as its name but offers a real insight into the magic of Indian spices as the goat meat is slowly cooked in a gravy made with various Indian spices and onions.

Lamb Roghan Josh

When you crave for a feast rather than just a non-veg meal, Lamb Roghan Josh is the ultimate authentic Indian food you need to order. A lamb curry preparation cooked in pure ghee (clarified butter) with an exotic essence, this Indian cuisine of Persian origin is another most popular Indian food in Australia.

Tawa Prawns

To know how deliciously the prawns can be made in India, this Indian cuisine is a must-try in Cottesloe. One of the most popular Indian seafood items, Tawa Prawns is a preparation of fried prawns that are marinated with various Indian spices before frying which adds a unique spicy flavor to them.

Goan Fish Curry

Goan Fish Curry is surely a must-try Indian cuisine in Cottesloe. This unique spicy and sour taste fish curry is a pure delight to the taste buds. One of the most popular Indian traditional meals, this perfectly cooked fish in a creamy orange gravy is sure to make you fall for Indian seafood recipes.

Dum ki Biriyani

Cooked by ‘dum’ process, this one-pot dish containing rice, mutton or chicken and various aromatic spices is a popular Indian food in Cottesloe. Once tasted, you can’t stop craving for more of this perfectly flavorful mix of rice, vegetables, meat, saffron, and other traditional Indian spices.


With restaurants like Two Fat Indians Cottesloe now being there in the beach city of Cottesloe, you are sure to taste the top Indian recipe preparations along with enjoying an exquisite dining experience.